How To Ask Customers For A Review

Every small business owner understands the importance of online reviews, whether it be Facebook, Google, Yelp, or an industry-specific review site. But the tough part is actually getting your customers to leave reviews. Your customers are busy people with To-Do lists, chores, and jobs. How do you make leaving a review a priority for them? We broke it down into steps for you.

1. Let your customer know how important they are to you.

Ever heard of the Golden rule? Totally applies here. Treat your customers exactly how you expect/want to be treated. You know that without your loyal customers, running your business would be much less rewarding. Let them know that! Let’s say you run an online store. A customer makes a purchase, so you give them a call a couple weeks after they place their order.

You say “Hi ____, thanks so much for being a loyal customer, you are the man (Or something like that). Your business means a ton to us.” Here comes step 2.

2. Let them know how important REVIEWS are to you.

After you have worked your charm on your customer, it’s time to show them the importance of reviews.

“As you know, reviews are a vital part of our business. It would mean a lot to us if you could leave us a review so we can know exactly how our service is”.

It’s that simple. Now you have tied in both the importance of the customer, along with the reviews.

3. Simplify the review process.

This is possibly the most important part. A lot of times when a business asks a customer to leave a review, they leave the customer with no direction.

“Would you mind leaving us a review?”

Leaving it at that does not a) create a sense of personalization, or b) give them a place to go to leave a review.

You must make it easier on your customers. Text message is the single best way to do this. Simply send your customer a text message encouraging them to leave a review, and give them a path to go leave that review.

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