How To Grow Your Business Using Social Media

The rate at which¬†communication between individuals has changed the last decade has been lightning speed. The most obvious change has to be the use — and domination of social media. Businesses now have no option but to use social media to reach potential customers. How are you going to stand out from the rest?

It Takes Time

If you think that a couple posts a week, a few likes and some followers will grow your business, think again. To do social media right, it takes time and concentrated effort. The three main points we like to think of as most important are:

  • Posting relevant content
  • Being consistent
  • Enabling others to share your content

These three are closely related and when used correctly, can gain your business some major attention. It all comes back to the first point: Posting relevant content. When you post content that is helpful, funny, or unique, people will share it. When people share it, more people hear about you. When more people hear about you, more people sign up/buy your product/visit your store.

News flash: It’s Cheap.

Posting on social media obviously does not cost any money. However, the effects of great social media marketing can be much greater than other marketing tactics. However, it may be worth looking into hiring someone on specifically to be in charge of social media marketing. Like I said earlier, it all comes back to fresh, unique content. Hiring a social media director can increase your returns on social media exponentially. But remember, if you are doing it yourself, be sure to block out at least five hours per week to focus intently on planning and posting to social media.



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