Why Trust Is Your Best Marketing Strategy

Young small businesses are at a disadvantage in almost every way. Competitors¬†will always have higher marketing budgets, a longer history, and more manpower to work with. Deep pockets sure can buy a lot of things in business — So how do you beat money?

Don’t use money.

If you try to play their game, you will lose. You need to play YOUR game, based on YOUR strengths.

As a small business, your biggest advantage is this — You are small. You have a unique opportunity to build deep, meaningful relationships with your client base and keep them coming back. You probably already do this and don’t even notice it!

If your customers are coming back regularly, they are probably telling your friends about you (Word-of-mouth marketing, nice!). This is a huge step. Your customers love you enough to not only come back, but tell their friends about you.

Next step? Give them a platform where they can brag about you. Be sure to create pages where your happy customers can leave reviews about you. Then, invite them to do so. Don’t try to compete with the million dollar marketing budgets of competitors — Let your customers do your marketing for you.

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